Research Priorities

Per our Strategic Plan, our Committee's Research Coordinator (CRC) is focused on the following objective: 

Maintain a robust research portfolio, demonstrating understanding of research needs among the travel demand forecasting community.

This objective will be worked towards with the following outputs

Based on surveys and discussions at a workshop at the 2023 TRB Annual Meeting, the Committee is pursuing priorities in the following six areas:

AEP50 is continuing efforts to prioritize and draft research needs statements, based on these areas. 

Are you interested in helping to refine the technical, policy, application, data-related, and/or other dimensions of our 6 priority research areas? Let us know.

Calls for Papers

Forthcoming for 2025 TRB Annual Meeting.

Past calls:

Research Review

Per our Strategic Plan, our Committee's Paper Review Coordinator (PRC) orients towards achieving the following objectives:

The paper review process begins each summer with an update to the paper reviewer pool, peaks in early-to-mid August with the assignment of papers to reviewers, and concludes October 1st with selection of papers to be included in the TRB Annual Meeting and forwarded to the Transportation Research Record Editorial Board.  If you are interested in helping out with the paper review organization process, please let us know.

During the "off season", the PRC leads a team in assessing how well we did as a community with paper reviews by reviewing data and feedback – and strategizing about how to update and refine the process for the next year.

Research Review Participation

The PRC oversees the following teams to assist in the paper review process

Chandra Bot All-Stars

One of the ways that we promote high-quality reviews is by annually honoring our most outstanding review contributors by algorithmically assessing review quality using Chandra Bot (named in honor of our Committee's former chair, Dr. Chandra Bhat) and adding to our growing class of Chandra Bot All-Stars.

Current criteria for becoming an All-Star:

Dr. Sigal Kaplan

Class of 2022

Pater Davidson

Class of 2022

Rosella Picado

Class of 2022

Dr. Pat Mokhtarian

Class of 2022

Dr. Patrick Singleton

Class of 2023

Dr. Rolf Moeckel

Class of 2023

Billy Charlton

Class of 2023

Milad Ghasri

Class of 2023

Technology Transfer

In addition to the Travel Forecasting Resource, the Technology Transfer Subcommittee is beginning to undertake the identification and dissemination of recent relevant research advances to the Committee Community.  Help always appreciated.


Want to help?

If you are interested in helping in one or more of these efforts, please contact the committee research coordinator.